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Klutz Lego Gear Bots STEM Kit

Unleash Your Child's Creativity and STEM Skills with the Klutz Lego Gear Bots Activity Kit!

- Encourages creativity: The kit includes a variety of colorful parts and pieces that allow children to create their own unique robots.
- Promotes problem-solving: Children must use problem-solving skills to build the robots and complete the included challenges.

Klutz Lego Gear Bots Science/STEM Activity Kit is the perfect activity for kids who are interested in engineering and robotics. This kit comes with all the pieces necessary to build two motorized robots, including LEGO Technic gears and motors. The instructions are easy to follow and the kit encourages kids to explore their creativity while learning about robotics and engineering. The kit also comes with a book full of fun activities and experiments, as well as a poster with a blueprint of the robots. Kids can learn how to make the robots move, and even program them to do specific tasks. This kit is a great way to get kids interested in science and technology, and to help them develop their problem-solving skills.