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For Girls is an empowering series that celebrates inspiring women and their stories of resilience, courage, and strength. It offers a platform to amplify the voices of women and girls around the world.

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# 1

Niskite Kids Karaoke Microphone Set
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Delight Your Little Diva with the Niskite Kids Microphone - Perfect Christmas and Birthday Gift for Girls Ages 6-12.

- The microphone is designed for girls aged 6-12, making it a perfect gift for any special occasion.
- It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for use at home or on the go.

# 2

Beefunni Dance Mat Music Pad

Move and Groove with Beefunni Dance Mat - The Perfect Gift for Girls Ages 8-10.

- Develops coordination and balance skills: The Beefunni Dance Mat encourages kids to move and groove as they learn to coordinate their movements with the LED lights. This helps to develop their balance and coordination skills.
- Enhances creative expression: This dance mat allows kids to express themselves creatively as they move to the music and create their own unique dance moves.

# 3


Introducing the Perfect Gift for Kids Ages 3-12: The Dance Mat Game Toy Featuring Create Songs, Built-in Music, 3 Game Modes, and 5 Challenge Levels.

- Stimulates creative thinking and encourages physical activity.
- Develops rhythm, coordination and motor skills.

# 4

Magical Mermaid 6th Birthday Journal Sketchbook

Make Her 6th Birthday Magical with this Mermaid-Themed Gift Bundle.

- Encourages creative expression and imaginative play.
- Provides an outlet for emotional expression.

# 5

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink (Amazon Exclusive)

Bring Creative Fun to Life with the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad - An Amazon Exclusive.

- The tracing pad comes with a bright LED light source to help kids trace with ease.
- The tracing pad includes 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets for drawing.

# 6

Rainbow Scratch Off Notebook Set

Surprise Your Little Ones with Pigipigi's 3 Pack Rainbow Scratch Off Notebooks - Perfect for Arts & Crafts, Birthdays & More.

- Helps children to express their creativity through drawing, doodling and coloring.
- Provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids.

# 7

AmitiƩ Lane Unicorn Art Box Set

Unlock a Magical World of Creativity with AmitiƩ Lane's Fruit Scented Markers Set and Unicorn Pencil Case with Augmented Reality Experience.

- The markers feature a fun fruit scent that will keep children engaged while they color.
- The set comes with a unicorn pencil case that adds to the fun of coloring.

# 8

Hevout Unicorn Gifts Set for Girls

Unlock the Magic of 8 Unique Unicorn Gifts for Girls and Women.

- Includes 8 different unicorn themed items, perfect for any girl who loves unicorns.
- Includes a variety of items, such as a necklace, bracelet, hair ties, backpack, slap bracelet, stickers, keychain, coin purse, and more.

# 9

Unicorn Pop Purse Bag with Fidget Toy

Civan Small Pop Purse: A Fun and Colorful Unicorn Pop Bag for Girls and Women with Fidget Toys and Shoulder Bag for ADHD and Anxiety Relief.

- The purse is designed with a cute unicorn pop toy, making it an attractive and fun accessory for girls and women.
- The silicone bag is lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for everyday use.

# 10

Unicorn Surprise Box for Kids

Unlock Creativity and Fun with The Memory Building Company's Large Unicorn Surprise Box for Girls and Boys Age 6 & Up.

- The toy box contains a variety of items that can keep children entertained for hours, such as a unicorn plush, coloring book, markers, jewelry, and a horn headband.
- The toy set is suitable for children aged 6 and up, so it can be enjoyed by both younger and older children.

# 11

Luminous Unicorn Terrarium Kit

Unlock the Magic of Crafting with this Light-Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit.

- Fun and interactive craft activity for kids to enjoy.
- Encourages creativity and imagination in children.

# 12

CIMELR Kids Camera Toy Set

Capture Your Precious Moments with CIMELR Kids Camera - Perfect for Kids Ages 3-12.

- Durable and child-friendly design: made of safe and non-toxic materials, the camera is designed for kids to handle with ease.
- High-quality photos and videos: with an 8MP HD lens, the camera can capture sharp and vivid images and videos.

# 13

SUNLIN Dance Mat - Dance Mixer

Unlock Your Inner Groove with the SUNLIN Dance Mat: Fun for Kids, Girls, Boys, with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, and 3 Challenge Levels.

- Fun and entertaining: The SUNLIN Dance Mat is a great way to keep kids entertained and active with its interactive and fun dance game.
- Easy to use: The mat is easy to use and requires no assembly. Kids can simply plug it in and start dancing.

# 14

BESTISUR Unicorn Magic Box

Delight Your Little Girl with the BESTISUR Unicorn Gift - Automatically Flashing LED Lights When Opening the Lid.

- The gift is sure to create a magical experience for the recipient, with an automatic flashing LED when the lid is opened.
- It is suitable for girls of ages 3 to 8 years old, making it an ideal present for a range of special occasions.

# 15

Hapinest Fairy Lantern Night Light Kit

Light up Your Child's Imagination with the Hapinest DIY Fairy Lantern Night Light Kit.

- Fun and creative craft project for kids to enjoy.
- Encourages imaginative play.

# 16

Bravokids Unicorn LCD Writing Tablet

Unlock Your Child's Imagination with Bravokids Toddler Girl Unicorn LCD Writing Tablet.

- Helps to improve children's writing, drawing and sensory skills.
- Durable and lightweight design, making it easy for kids to handle.

# 17

Magical Memory Unicorn Jewelry Box

Unlock Magical Memories with The Memory Building Company's Unicorn Jewelry Box.

- Includes a variety of fun and colorful designs to capture the imagination of children.
- Features a sweet music box tune to create a peaceful atmosphere.

# 18

Purple Ladybug Water Bottle Decorating Kit

Create Fun & Unique Designs with the PURPLE LADYBUG Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Kit - Perfect Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids & Girls Ages 6-12.

- Fun and creative craft activity for girls ages 6-8.
- Provides an opportunity for children to express their creativity and imagination.

# 19

Magical Unicorn Gift Set

Unlock the Magic of Imagination with this All-in-One Unicorn Gift Set for Girls Ages 3-8.

- Encourages creative expression: The DIY painting kit encourages children to explore their creative abilities and express themselves through art.
- Develops motor skills: The remote control unicorn costumes help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

# 20

MagiMix Cauldron Playset

Unlock a World of Enchantment with Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron.

- Interactive plush toy with over 50 sounds and reactions for endless hours of imaginative play.
- Cauldron lights up, mists and plays magical music for a truly magical experience.

# 21

Mgaolo Kids Camera Toy Set

Capture Precious Memories with the Mgaolo Childrens Camera: Perfect for Kids Ages 3-12.

- Durable and protective silicone cover helps protect the camera from damage.
- HD digital video camera allows for high-quality pictures and videos.

# 22

Light-Up Magic Flying Orb Toy

Amaze Your Kids: UFO Magic Flying Orb Ball Toy with Lights, Cool Stuff Gadgets, and More.

- Interactive and entertaining: The UFO Magic Flying Orb Ball Toy provides a fun, interactive experience for children of all ages.
- Educational: The toy encourages children to develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

# 23

Hollyhi Kids Makeup Toy Set

Delight Your Little Girl with the Hollyhi 41 Pc Kids Makeup Toy Kit.

- The kit includes real makeup products, such as blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow, to help introduce children to makeup in a safe, age-appropriate way.
- The makeup products are washable and non-toxic, making them safe for young children.

# 24

Mermaid Garden Terrarium

Unlock Your Child's Imagination with the Creativity for Kids Mini Garden Mermaid Terrarium.

- Encourages creative thinking and self-expression: This kit provides a great opportunity for kids to express themselves creatively while developing their problem-solving skills.
- Fun and educational: The kit contains all the necessary materials to create a beautiful and unique terrarium, as well as educational instructions to help kids learn about plant care.